28 April 2008

8 Column Adsense Firendly Blogger Template, Just for $3 Right Now, With Resell Rights Included!

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First time intoducing 8 Column Blogger Template. A-F Blue 1.0 ( Adsense Friendly Blue 1.0 ) is a Blue coloured Blogger template Originally desinged in Inspiration of O2 4 Column Wordpress Theme.
Customized and Optimized by Me, The template is fully widget ready with template blended Ads already setup, that means you do not have to worrie putting those complicated codes.

Name: A-F Blue 1.0
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The new look by puttin the sidebar on Left, and a Adsense vertical ad on right, covering both sides of template for more content and Ad's exposre, with an extra Leaderboard on top makes is even harder to resist those Ads. It is desinged to give more exposre to your business and to Increase your earnings as soon as you apply this template.

Inspired from " Fresg Blogger Template ", I've added a 3 Column Saperator on the bottom of the page. Links, Reader show off, Traffic Exchange Boxes or Ads, You Can use a wide rage of Widgets on a single page with out making it appear Messy.

The More you Add, the more beatifull will the template look. Perfectly arranged, widget editable Column increases the worth of the template by Millions, or even Billions...

With a Footer column given to show your copywrite Information, make your blog more professional. Stand out of the compitition, let your readers See the difference..

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23 April 2008

Getting BackLinks to your Blog/Site, The Un-Common Sense..

Today I was talking to someone who said, “I spent 14 hours yesterday submitting my website address to directories and search engines…”

And I thought, “well, that’s one way to get links.”

But if you’re going to spend THAT much time, why not think outside the box?

For Example:
  • You could make Wordpress or Blogger templates and give them away free as long as they leave your link intact.
  • Or, if you’ve got a few articles, pull together a quick AdSense site with them plus a few other articles, give it away or sell it really cheap (try the Warrior Special Offer forum for a ready-made market) with your links embedded. I would personally give it away free, with the only stipulation being that if they wanted to be notified of the next free Adsense site I gave away, they’d have to send me the URL where they posted this one.
  • Lets see, what else do people want… how about a free script or two for their website as long as your link remains.
  • Or, a cool widget that can do something they might like… like make a tag cloud, or site map, or rotating adsense images? Anything that you can offer that will let you embed your URLs in their sites.

The gist of this message is that if you want links, you can get more of them easier by creating something people want, then letting THEM come to YOU.

Most of these strategies would take far less than 14 hours of work at the front end, and would likely bring in far more incoming links and traffic than directory submission ever will.

20 April 2008

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Get Reviewed By Me On This Blog Free - Honest Review In Exchange Of A BackLink!

After completing 5 months for Blogging Resources - The M&M Online Blog, I have decided to start reviewing other blogs.

Usually when you search arround on internet to get your Site/Blog a honest review, you end up finding a person offering you to review your Site/Blog for money.

But this time You are lucky enought to get here, Because I am going post a honest review to your blog absolutely for FREE! all I need in exchnage is a visible Link back from your Site/Blog to my Blog with my desired Anchor text and nothing Else.

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  3. Please wait for 48 hours max for your review to appear on my blog.

16 April 2008

Best 3 SEO Tips for 2008

By Scott Jason (c) 2008

Each year I spend the first three months looking for the best and most innovative SEO tips of the previous year's end. This year I have what I believe to be the best 3 SEO tips in a decade!

SEO Tip #1: Make Google Alerts Your Personal Online Spy

Google Alerts is a great way to let the world's biggest search engine be your personal online investigator. This takes search engine optimization insider info to a whole new level. Here's an excerpt straight from Google....

"Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic."

Some handy uses of Google Alerts include:

  • monitoring a developing news story
  • keeping current on a competitor or industry
  • getting the latest on a celebrity or event
  • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams"

As you probably guessed, it's the second one we care about most, "keeping current on a competitor or industry."

Here's how it works... Each time Google finds a reference to the query or topic you request you will be sent an email with the details. This is like having an online agent to make sure competitors are not using your protected keywords (trademarked names, company names, etc.) It's also an instant identifier to know when your site or product is mentioned in a news story or even when a topic is hot so you can take advantage of the situation. It's the easiest way in the world to stop competitors' dirty tricks and identify trends that you can take instant advantage of.

It's fast, free and works every minute of every day. Let Google Alerts do your most time consuming legwork while you reap the rewards!

SEO Tip #2: Optimize Your 404 Page and Always Be Found

"Error 404: Page Not Found" is a blessing that most Webmasters curse. Why? Getting a visitor on any page of your site is fantastic! Don't blow the opportuníty. Not only can you make your "404" page a valuable sales tool, you can use the following search engine optimization techniques to attract customers in droves.

A.) Use your main keyword in your title, add a "pipe" (usually above the Enter key) and then use your secondary keyword. Here's an example for an SEO site "SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips"

B.) Add some keyword rich content using one to two keywords for the page. If you have less than 250 words on the page, just use one keyword and use it no more than three times total. Bold the first use and italicize the second or third use. Keep in mind this is an "inactive" page so simply tell the visitor what your site is about and whet their appetite with a good description. Something like this works well... "Thank you for visiting SEO (bold) Group, Inc. We're sorry you seem to have found a missing page but rest assured, if you are looking for the world's best search engine optimization tips (bold or italic), you are at the right place..." This will go on for a couple paragraphs or as long as you'd like then end it with something to the effect of "Please Clíck Here (link) to visit our site map or click any link to the left."

C.) Add your site's standard navigation system (bar, column, etc.) as mentioned above.

D.) Make the look and feel of the customized 404 page match your main site as closely as possible with a template, matched palette, cascading style sheets, etc.

E.) Create a link to the site map page if available, and make the link easy to find. You want your visitor off the 404 page and into your main content as quickly as possible.

Setting up a custom 404 page link usually takes less than five minutes on most major Web hosting companies like Godaddy.com. But whatever it takes, it's worth the effort.

SEO Tip #3: Get (Even More) Serious About Linking

I saved the most important for last. If you want to do well on any search engine, especially Google, linking is THE single MOST important thing you can do. It's that simple.

Here are the five things you MUST do to make your site #1 on Google:

A.) Find the highest page rank sites linking to your site AND your competitors' sites.

B.) Run monthly link campaigns and snatch up the best of the above identified Web sites.

C.) Run regular checks on what pages are still linking back to your site. Also make sure they did not move you from a high page rank page to a lower one (don't get cheated!)

D.) Eliminate any penalized sites you link to; ASAP!

E.) Check your search engine ranking AND your competitor's for each of your keywords every week. Do this for Google, Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista at the minimum.

Inside Tip: Keeping up can be a lot of work, and is extremely important, so a lot of SEO Consultants (myself included) use SEO Elite to do all the most difficult and time consuming work.
One last thing to know is that Google was originally a college student's project created for the sole purpose of defining a Web site's value by the sites that link to it. Twelve years later this is still its main job. Linking is EVERYTHING to Google.

These three SEO tips are the best of the best so use them wisely. Best of luck!

About The Author: Scott Jason is a 10 year veteran search engine optimization and copywriting specialist. He has been a guest "expert advice" author for three SEO books including The SEO Answer Book and is the co-founder of BestSEOCopywriting.com

12 April 2008

A Viable Pay Per Click Alternative, A Real Traffic Exchange. Get FREE Unlimited Traffic

A Viable Pay Per Click Alternative
Have you looked at the Pay-Per-Click prices these days? Ouch! To get a top position in AdWords for most keywords related to internet marketing will cost you anywhere from $3 to $23 PER CLICK. Don't even get us started on keywords in the health industry, real estate, etc. The prices are ridiculous!

So we web site owners and marketers who could never make our money back with those kinds of prices look for cheaper alternatives. If you use AdWords, perhaps you disable search and enable the content network. That will save you some money, but have you seen some of the sites in the content network? Pure made for AdSense TRASH.

What if I told you that I've found an alternative, for sites in 17 categories, and that it's proving to be VERY effective? What if I told you that this alternative is FREE, and will help you drive a lot more traffic to your web sites?

Free Targeted Ad Exchange Alternative
Well this IS that alternative! It's called RealTrafficExchange, and it's a traffic exchange network. Now, before you run and hide at the thought of ugly, untargeted banners being swapped between trashy home-made sites -- think again!

This is a high quality network that works much like AdWords and AdSense (only it's a lot easier).

Here's how it works:

  1. You sign up for a free account.
  2. You add sites into the network, which are reviewed for quality and content.
  3. You drop some javascript onto those sites, and when your visitors click on the targeted, AdSense-like ads shown on your pages, you earn credits.
  4. You spend those credits by creating your own ads which get shown on targeted pages relating to your ads.

The ads that appear on your pages are targeted to your page content. If no ads are found matching your page content, then ads from the same category are displayed. In like manner, your ads are displayed on pages matching the content and/or category of your ad.

If it sounds easy, it is! In just a few minutes you can be ready to roll.

You Earn When Others Sign Up
If anyone clicks the "RealTrafficExchange" link below the ads and signs up, you'll earn 10% of the credits generated by every site that you refer! So if you refer 100 sites, and each site earns 1,000 credits, you earn 10% of that 100,000 credits. That's 10,000 free visitors to your sites!

You can customize the look and feel any way you want, too!

What Categories Are The Sites In?
They currently have 17 categories. Remember, though, that ads are targeted first according to page content, and only if no ads match the page content exactly are category-based ads displayed.

  1. Arts
  2. Business/Financial/Employment
  3. Computers/Internet/Electronics
  4. Health/Medicine/Beauty
  5. Home/Family/Food/Garden
  6. Recreation/Sports
  7. Kids/Games
  8. Shopping
  9. Travel/Real Estate
  10. Marketing/Online Business
  11. Portals/Articles/Miscellaneous
  12. Automotive
  13. Animals/Pets
  14. Society
  15. Self Help/Inspirational
  16. Music/Dance
  17. Education/Language

What Kind of Sites Do They Accept?
To ensure a quality network, they don't accept every kind of site into the network. Our guidelines are simple:

  1. Sites must be professional in quality and appearance.
  2. Only family-friendly sites are accepted (no adult, gambling, warez, hate, etc.)
  3. No 'under construction' sites -- they must be ready-to-go when submitted.

What Are You Waiting For?

Sign Up NOW For Your Free Account!

How to get free traffic to your blog? Another Effective Tool

Today I want to tell you about little under the radar website, withover 37,000 registered bloggers and over 7,400,000 boxviews last month

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11 April 2008

SEO Copywriting Tips for Google, Yahoo and your Prospects

By Angela Charles, President, (c) 2008 Pilot Fish

It might not seem logical, but a web site that's well-written for human consumption with a little SEO help usually is also well-received by the robots of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

So, what does "well-written" mean? Here are some tips to good SEO copywriting for Google, Yahoo and site visitors.
SEO Copywriting Tips – How to Write Great Web Site Content :
  • Keyword research: This topic deserves a whole article on its own, but suffice to say that you'll want to base your site content on the keyword terms that you know are most popular among the audience you're trying to reach. There are online tools available that can help you determine the right keywords for your company. Among them are WordTracker and Keyword Discovery.
  • One topic per page: If your company makes 5 different products, you'll need to devote at least one page per topic.
  • Details, details: Each topic should be covered in enough detail that the site visitor can determine whether to contact you for more information. From an SEO standpoint, the more detail you provide on each topic, the more easily the search engines will be able to determine the relevance of your site to that keyword.
  • Kill the sales brochure: Internet users don't appreciate going to your web to find only a sales brochure. Avoid flowery language; it usually signifies a page that's light on content and heavy on sales pitch, which the search engines won't rank well. Good SEO copywriting will focus on objective facts about your company's products and services, with a call-to-action for more information.
  • Create a content hierarchy: The more detail, the better, but be considerate of your site visitors' time. Good SEO copywriting separates content into multiple pages and creates a hierarchy for your pages with most important information first, least important last. The most important pages you'll want on your navigation bar, with lesser pages linking off those. Make sure you include a site map, though, that lists all your web site's pages.
  • Keyword density: In order for search engines to be able to rank your pages for a particular keyword, that keyword has to be used on your page. At the same time, the more often you use it, the more relevant the page will seem. ONE CAVEAT: Don't go overboard. Writing should sound natural to the human visitors you're trying to reach. Search engines can penalize you for "overoptimizing" by using the keyword too often (known as keyword stuffing or spamming).

Types of Content to Consider for Your Company Web Site :

Part of the SEO copywriting process is project planning. It's important to take the time to consider what information people would want to know about your company. Here are some types of content well received by Internet visitors and search engines:

  • Product details, including features/benefits, specifications, data sheets, diagrams, flow-charts, video demonstrations and photos (with alt tags, see below)
  • Technical tips, product troubleshooting guides, user manuals
  • Customer testimonials, case studies
  • Industry definitions
  • Product selection guides, comparative information

Advice on Adding PDFs to your Site

Search engines have become more sophisticated in being able to index varying file types. PDFs work fine for information that site visitors might want to print out and keep. But, if you use PDFs, make sure they open in a separate browser. Also, add a link to your home page somewhere on each PDF; otherwise, site visitors that enter your site from a search engine via the PDF won't have navigation to take them to the rest of your site.

Where to Get Ideas for Good SEO Content

Type your top keywords into Google and Yahoo and see what sites and pages come up on the first or second page of results. This will give you a good idea of some of the content that search engines like. More specifically, take a look at:

  • Competitor sites
  • Industry portal sites
  • Industry magazine sites
  • Resource sites

See what types of content they provide that your site could emulate (not copy).

Other On-Page SEO Copywriting Tips

Once your content is written, it's time to place it on the page. Here are some additional details you'll need to be concerned with to complete the SEO copywriting process:

  • Title tags: Make sure each page title tag is unique and complements the content of that page. For instance, if your page is about "blue suede shoes", then your title tag might be "Blue Suede Shoes ABC Company"
  • Description tags: Likewise, you'll want each page description tag to be unique and complementary to the page it describes. This is the information that many of the search engines use to display a description of your page.
  • Keyword tags: Most search engines have de-emphasized use of the keyword tag, but we feel it's a useful tool to help you organize your site content. If you followed the advice above regarding one topic per page, then your keyword tag would be pretty short and limited to that topic. It'll probably have more than one term in it as there might be multiple ways to describe the topic, but this is a good check that you're in the process of writing a well-optimized page.
  • Alt tags: You can use the meta alt tag to help search engines interpret what your nav buttons and images are about. Search engines can't "see" images, so unless you specifically tell them, that information will be ignored. If you have a picture of blue suede shoes, use the Alt tag to label it as "blue suede shoes."
  • Internal linking: Build your keyword phrases into the links on your pages that are used to navigate from page to page. For instance, a call to action might be "Contact ABC Company for more information about our blue suede shoes," with the phrase "more information about our blue suede shoes" as the link. Avoid using "clíck here" as the link.

I've created quite a to-do líst of SEO Copywriting Tips, but when done properly, your SEO copywriting efforts will help yield long-term results in the way of top placement on Google and Yahoo and, most importantly, increased opportuníty to reach new potential customers.

About The Author: Angela Charles is president of Pilot Fish, an Akron, Ohio, search engine optimization and web design firm specializing in industrial clients.

Get Your Blog Google-Ranked in 30 Days or Less - Part 2‏

If you haven't read Get Your Blog Google-Ranked in 30 Days Or Less, Part 1, you aren't going to want to miss it. But, here are even more useful suggestions to put your blog on steroids without any blog-roid rage. Please read on.

25. Focus on ranking for three key words or phrases to start. The keywords you select should appear in your HTML title tags and within the site's content when appropriate. However, watch keyword density levels. Anything above 5% starts to sound like gibberish. 2% to 3% keyword density provides more creative latitude for the content developer, and still lets bots know what the site is about.

24. Only purchase ad links on relevant niche sites. This, by default, limits competitive links and delivers more qualified (knowledgeable and ready-to-purchase) visitors to your site.

23. Participate in your link community. Forum and blog links are ephemeral, lasting a day or two as web fodder, so there's always the need for more green. Interact by posting to not only drive traffic with the link, but to also pick up another link from a credible site. All good.

22. Publish new content on weekdays. Even search engines need a break. Actually, more people are online Monday through Friday so your latest blog post is still the latest when posted on Monday rather than Sunday. A little thing, for sure, but little things mean a lot online.

21. Write content for various experience levels. For many spaces DIYs are the largest sector. Some readers are just starting out. Others have been at it for years and probably know more than you do, so post blogs to appeal to a broad range of skill sets – from green rookie to wizened old vet.

20. Cite the sources of your content. This adds credibility to your posts. It also provides a trail for a reader interested in learning more about the topic at hand.

19. Focus on contextual relevancy before quantity of links. Connectivity within a market or topic segment has more value than SEO anchor text, at least in the short term.

18. Poll your readers. Everybody's got an opinion. Provide a platform to let posters and readers vote on a topic related to your site. It doesn't do any good if you run a retail outlet and poll visitors on who they'd like to see in the White House. Stay on topic.

17. Create surveys. Surveys are more in depth than a poll. One survey you might want to try is one in which buyers rate the services and products you sell. Great marketing information. Consider placing a satisfaction survey somewhere on your site.

16. Write about popular brands or celebrities where possible. It doesn't matter if you're blogging short sales in the market or clothing for the over-sized human, celebrity and name brands get picked up by spiders.

15. Find free stuff to give away. Free still works on the web. There's lots of open source software (OSS), mortgäge calculators, real-time stock feeds and other digital goodies that visitors can download free. Free is nice.

14. Answer questions on Google groups and Yahoo Answers. People write in with all sorts of questions, some sure to fall within your area of expertise. By signing on as an authority in a field (your arena) you build credibility. Plus, it's fun helping others from the comfort of your own work station.

13. Add imagery and video content to your posts. A picture is worth a thousand web words. Charts and graphs simplify complex information and don't take up a lot of room. If you aren't an artist, create a relationship with a freelancer. Don't use clip art.

12. Use QA sessions in your blog. You're the expert. Also, invite guest bloggers to handle questions beyond your skill set. Helpful, simple advice keeps visitors coming back and makes you a guru.

11. Syndicate content outside of your blog. Every site owner needs content. Fortunately, there's plenty of it free for the taking. Sites like http://www.helium.com/, http://www.ezine.com/ and http://www.goarticles.com/ are content supermarkets. Post your piece and pick up non-reciprocal, in-bound links for your effort. Content syndication increases link popularity.

10. Direct (future) page rank efforts to well-optimized content on your home site. Don't direct visitors and bots to the garbage bin of out-dated content stored in the site's archives. Point them to the new news.

9. Update or create a Wikipedia page and link to your site. Another means of establishing yourself as an authority. Just make sure the Wiki piece is accurate, well written and typo-free.

8. Submit industry or topical news to general news sites. Not just industry related sites. If a small oil and gas company brings in a gusher, it's of broader interest than to just industry insiders. Also adds credibility and another link.

7. Deep links or links to sub-pages are vital. There's a tendency to link from a remote site to your home page. Not necessarily the best strategy. Consider linking to pages deeper in the site – pages related directly to your blog post. This way, visitors are in your site and less likely to bounce.

6. Respond to comments in your blog. This accomplishes three important objectives: (1) it shows that there's a human behind the blog; (2) it gives you a chance to show your expertise; and (3) you can lead the thread in a new direction or keep the discussion going. Oh, it's also the polite thing to do, as well.

5. Cross link your posts. Link amongst your related blog posts using the keywords you're optimizing your blog for as the anchor text.

4. Get linked alongside related blogs on other sites. You can contact the blog administrator to swap links, you can become a regular guest blogger if your writing is good enough or your knowledge extensive. Niche sites are great for building blog links networks.

3. Bait your blog. Post unconventional and controversial articles to create lengthy threads that, in turn, create site stickiness.

2. Be consistent into month two. Keep the tone, style and topicality of your blog consistent for the first two months until spiders get it. Then, you can branch out to peripheral topics to expand reader interest.

1. Network offline. Helpful networking tools include http://www.linkedin.com/, http://www.meetup.com/ and http://www.mybloglog.com/. These sites provide real world contacts to simplify and streamline the process of networking. They're also useful in building beneficial online relationships - not to be overlooked. Also reach out using conferences that are available in your area and abroad.
The keys to building a successful, well-tended blog run the gamut from good content to good contacts, and from credibility to controversy. There are lots of ways to expand your blog community and develop quality rankings at the same time.

Once you've got all of this down your next steps are to begin monetizing your site.

So, blog.
About The Author: Frederick Townes in the owner of W3 EDGE Web Design. W3 EDGE is a Boston web design company that specializes in search engine friendly design, Internet marketing and conversion optimization. Contact them today for a free quotatíon and more information on how to make the most of your online presence.

05 April 2008

Popular Articles - Part I

Imagine if there was one single place where you could activate not one of these type of program’s, not two but five. And imagine if that place had every conceivable free promotion system all set-up and ready to go with materials and everything you would need to make them all work. That place really does exist. It has just had the finishing touches added and is now available to everyone absolutely free of charge.If you wish to check it out for yourself, please feel free by using the link Below:
by Clive Anderson

Technorati rank is a very important factor to focus on along with your traffic. Building technorati rank can do a lot to build your blog visibility, for this reason alone you should work to get your rank and authority as high as possible.

So! What can we do to Build Technorati Rank?

Here are some simple Tips!

Technorati Favorites Exchange:

Countable Backlinks in Google Algorithm

Google, the big daddy clearly mention few important rules to get backlinks counted in google algorithms. The rules are mentioned below:

  1. A backlink to any website should contain a relevant Anchor Text.
  2. A backlink is only counted when it is found on a high athority, relevant site.
  3. A backlink must not be a paid link listing, or else will be punished.

Read More

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02 April 2008

Snagging Inbound Links - By Andy MacDonald (c) 2008

Inbound links are now so important in the constant battle to achieve top search engine rankings, that tons of people are using every tactic under the sun to gain that one additional link. You must be careful when it comes to linking though. You could jeopardize your whole linking plan by getting links in a shady manner which could have an adverse affect on your search rankings. These inbound links are seen by search engines as votes for your site within a particular community of sites.

Anytime you're being voted for, you want to have as many votes as possible. However you want to be using tactics which are going to pay dividends in your linking strategy, not do more harm then good. Below I líst some of the best and safest methods around for generating inbound links for your website. Some can be more effective than others:

  • Requesting Links: The oldest method of gaining inbound links is to request them. This requires that you study your market to find out who the players involved in the market are. Then, you contact each one of the sites and ask them to link to your site. In most cases, the person you contact receives your request, but providing links to other sites is the least of their worries, so you may never hear from them. If you do, it can sometimes be months later. So, you put a lot of time into requesting links from other sites for a relatively small return on your efforts. For more on requesting links, I recommend you checkout The Do's & Dont's of Requesting Links.

  • Writing Articles: One of the most effective methods of gaining inbound links is to provide an article for other companies to use as long as they include a paragraph at the bottom that includes credits for you as well as a link back to your site. This method of gaining inbound links works well, because web sites are always looking for good content to include on their pages. The catch here is that the article you write should be well written, accurate, and useful to other sites in your industry. Once you've produced an article that meets these requirements, you can begin to let others know you have content available for them to use for free; you can do this by having a 'free articles' page on your site or submit the content to article directories. For more on article marketing, view Bill Platt's in-depth article, Article Marketing for Links .

  • Blogs: Another way to get links back to your site is from bloggers. What started as a strange phenomenon that was mostly personal has now become a powerful business tool; many businesses rely on links back to their sites from the various industry bloggers out there. In most cases, though, bloggers aren't just going to stumble onto your web site. It's far better for you to contact the blogger with information about your organization, some product that you provide, or with news that would interest them. This information then gives the blogger something to use in his or her regular posts. Keep in mind, however, that you can't control what a blogger might say, so it's possible that the review you get won't be favorable. Its possible to get reviews from small to mid-sized blogs without too much of a problem, but when it comes to getting reviews from the most popular blogger in your niche, it may cost you a few hundred $$$. For example, John Chow charges a whopping $500 for a review, which he doesn't even write himself.

  • Press Releases: Press releases are one of the mainstays of any marketing program. It can be so effective that many organizations hire companies to do nothing but distribute their press releases. What's so powerful about a press release? It's just the facts, including benefits, sent out to publications and organizations that might publish all or part of the press release. Use press release marketing to send out new items of all types, and send them as widely as you can. New organizations, publications, newsletters, even some forums will post press releases. When you write it, make sure a link back to your site is included.

  • Affiliate Programs: Affiliate programs are a type of paid advertising. You provide a link to people who want to link back to your web site. They place the link on their site and when someone clicks through that link and makes a purchase (or converts any other goal you have arranged), the affiliate - the person who placed your link on their site - gets paid a small percentage. Usually the payment for affiliate programs is very low ($.01 to $.05 per click or a small percentage of the sale). But some people make a good living being affiliates, and many organizations receive additional traffic because of their affiliate programs. The trick with affiliate programs is to not allow them to be your sole source of incoming links.

  • PPC and Paid Links: Pay-per-click advertisements are an acceptable business practice. There is no problem with using PPC advertisements to achieve inbound links to your site. Remember that, like affiliate links, PPC links are not direct links to your site. Paid links, on the other hand, are different from affiliate links - you pay to have a direct, or flat link, placed on a page. Some search engines frown on the practice of using these types of links. Using paid links (especially those that land on link farms) is a practice that carries some business risk.

  • Link to Yourself: Linking to yourself is a technique that sits right on the line between ethical and unethical. Linking to yourself from other sites that you might own is an acceptable practice. But if you set up other sites simply to be able to link back to your own site and create the illusion of popularity, you're going to do more damage than it's probably worth to you. If you are linking to yourself and you suspect that you might be doing something that would adversely affect your search engine ranking, then you shouldn't do it. There are plenty of links to be had without linking back to your web sites; you just have to work a little harder for the higher quality links.

Inbound links are such an important part of any marketing online strategies that some organizations find themselves caught up in the process of learning who is linking back to them. It's not a bad thing to want to know where your links are coming from. And one of the places you can gather that information is from your web-analytics application. A great and free analytics program available is Google Analytics. Check it out.

So there are my top link snagging tips which I actively employ for most of my online businesses. Which tactics do you use for your website, and have I missed out any good link-snagging techniques? Have your say by leaving me a comment.

About The Author: Andy MacDonald, CEO of Swift Media UK, a website design & search marketing company. For daily tips on Blogging, Marketing, & SEO, checkout our SEO & Marketing Tips for Webmasters blog or Subscribe by RSS .