03 March 2008

Build Technorati Rank and Increase Your Traffic

Technorati rank is a very important factor to focus on along with your traffic. Building technorati rank can do a lot to build your blog visibility, for this reason alone you should work to get your rank and authority as high as possible.

If you have a blog but you have not claimed it yet at Technorati, then you should do this immediately. All you to do is to register and claim you blog.

Once you have claimed your blog you will get a “rank”. The rank depends on how many other blogs or sites linked to your blog and your content (of course, to increase you Technorati rank, also the blogs that link to yours have to be claimed at Technorati by their owners).

Let’s take Reviewme.com as an example, the price you will recieve for a paid review on your blog is calculated using 3 factors: Technorati rank, Alexa rank and estimated RSS. Even if you have a low value for “estimated RSS” and a low “Alexa rank”, you could increase your Technorati rank to force “Reviewme” to increase the price for a paid review on your blog.

So! What can we do to Build Technorati Rank?

Here are some simple Tips!

Technorati Favorites Exchange:

  1. Add me to your technorati favorites and comment here with your technorati fav. link - I’ll add you too. Add to Technorati Favorites.
  2. Make a post like this one – for technorati favorites exchange.
  3. Post the link to your post in another comment here – so all who are interested in exchanging here will know about your offer too.
  4. Don’t forget to fav. back!


beverly37853 said...

I put your post in my favorites. My Technorati is beverly3425

-MaLanG!! 'Separating Emotions' said...

Hey there,
Thank you for adding me to your technorati favs,
This is just to let you know that I have done the same.

Every Body who participate is requested to add all the commenters to their favs as well ...

That means, as more comments are made .. more exchanges will happen and more authority we get ;-)

beverly37853 said...

I have added the favorite widget.

muscles said...

Hi im new to this so hope ive done it right. ive added you to my favs.
my blog is

-MaLanG!! 'Separating Emotions' said...

@Muscles, Thank you for participating, I have added you to my favs in exchange...

Do not forget to add all above commenters to your fav's.. So , you can get more favs in return..


Nadeesha Cabral said...


I got your blog. And thanks for participating in my contest.

-MaLanG!! 'Separating Emotions' said...

Thanks @ Nadeesha for participating..
Pleasure to meet you online...

Arju said...

I could not add any or my blog
to my favourite nor anyone can.
It says

My Favorites
You don’t have any Favorites yet
Favorites lets you keep track of your favorite blogs.
To designate any blog as a favorite just look for the Favorite it links
when you’re looking at blogs or posts.”

It seems Technorati is very bad and buggy webste.

Anonymous said...

Kindly add me in your technorati fav I have added you.

my blog is http://pakiviewson.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

em extremely sorry I cant add you yet as I've not see the technorati site for a long time its totally changed. But dont worry as soon as the get back I'll do the job.