05 April 2008

Popular Articles - Part I

Imagine if there was one single place where you could activate not one of these type of program’s, not two but five. And imagine if that place had every conceivable free promotion system all set-up and ready to go with materials and everything you would need to make them all work. That place really does exist. It has just had the finishing touches added and is now available to everyone absolutely free of charge.If you wish to check it out for yourself, please feel free by using the link Below:
by Clive Anderson

Technorati rank is a very important factor to focus on along with your traffic. Building technorati rank can do a lot to build your blog visibility, for this reason alone you should work to get your rank and authority as high as possible.

So! What can we do to Build Technorati Rank?

Here are some simple Tips!

Technorati Favorites Exchange:

Countable Backlinks in Google Algorithm

Google, the big daddy clearly mention few important rules to get backlinks counted in google algorithms. The rules are mentioned below:

  1. A backlink to any website should contain a relevant Anchor Text.
  2. A backlink is only counted when it is found on a high athority, relevant site.
  3. A backlink must not be a paid link listing, or else will be punished.

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To add popular social bookmarking button in you footer allowing your visitors to bookmark your post in services like "Digg", "Technorati", "Del.icio.us", "StumbleUpon", "Reddit", "Blinklist", "Furl", "Spurl", "MyYahoo" and "Simpy" all you have to do is copy the code in the Box bellow and read on to see where to paste the code.

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"Big Bang" - Master List is a group that intended to participate in another adventure in terms of Technorati authority. This will help you increase your authority link in technorati, boost your traffic. For me, this is a kind of social blogging activities since one blogger help other to reach the same goal.

If you are interested in watching your authority grow, then just follow the simple rules below. Anyone can play so just have fun. Join "Big Bang" -Master List.

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