20 April 2008

Get Reviewed By Me On This Blog Free - Honest Review In Exchange Of A BackLink!

After completing 5 months for Blogging Resources - The M&M Online Blog, I have decided to start reviewing other blogs.

Usually when you search arround on internet to get your Site/Blog a honest review, you end up finding a person offering you to review your Site/Blog for money.

But this time You are lucky enought to get here, Because I am going post a honest review to your blog absolutely for FREE! all I need in exchnage is a visible Link back from your Site/Blog to my Blog with my desired Anchor text and nothing Else.

Here is what you have to do:

  • Copy the Code below and paste it on the Home Page of your Site/Blog.

"Please Do Not Change The Code"

<a href="http://themmonline.blogspot.com/" alt="Blogging Resources - The M&M Online Blog"><b>Blogging Resources - The M&M Online Blog</b></a><br/>The M&M Blog, Helping You Build A Better Blog<br/><a href="http://feeds.feedburner.com/themmonlineblog">Subscribe To RSS</a>

  • Leave a comment with your following information:
  1. Name:
  2. Blog Url:
  3. Desired Anchor Text:

As soon as you post your comment, with in the next 48 hours, If I get to see the above code included on your Blog/Site, I will personally visit your Site/Blog and then after browsing deeply, I will post a honest and brief review to your Blog/Site on my Blog with a Snapshot of your blog.

Terms & Condition:

  1. Please do not change the code provided above. If so, No review will be made.
  2. Please paste the code provided on the Home page of your Blog/Site. Else, No review will be made.
  3. Please wait for 48 hours max for your review to appear on my blog.


Muhammad Umer said...

Name: Muhammad Umar

URL : http://defence007.blogspot.com/

Text: English

Muhammad Umer said...