26 March 2008

Why Free Viral Promotion Makes Practical Sense - by Clive Anderson

First let us clarify. What is Viral Promotion.

Viral Promotion starts out in more or less the same way as most other forms of promoting online, except the deference soon becomes apparent from the moment you join. Most other traffic producing websites are one’s that you join or use for the production of your ads or websites, some free and some you have to pay for, but predominantly you use that program’s services to promote for you.

However, when you join a Viral Traffic generating program you are immediately faced with an altogether different set-up. First and foremost you will be expected to view six or seven websites that will give you a code to enter into the program once you have viewed the site for long enough. Secondly you will be expected to place your ad in section one (There can six or seven sections depending). This can be in the form of a simple single line ad or in most cases you can place a title and up to 500 characters in the main ad and of course your link or URL.

This now becomes your advertising board. By starting to promote the actual program itself, which can be done in numerous ways you will be gaining not only views of the program, but also your ad on the front page (Ads in Viral Traffic programs tend to be displayed on the front page that is seen when advertised).

When someone joins that program they will be expected to follow the same process as you did, except this time when they view the first website it will be your website from your ad. (So the more you promote the program the more times your ad and website will be seen).

It doesn’t end there. By you promoting the program and gaining sign-ups yourself these people’s ads will be placed in section one and yours will be moved down to section two. Lets say it is a rainy season and you only managed to get ten sign-ups personally. That would equate to your website being seen by just ten people. And say those ten people only managed to duplicate the same as you did. Well that is a hundred more people that have seen your website. Now if those hundred duplicated with just ten sign-ups then that means your website has just been seen by at least a thousand people and we are only up to section three.

Bearing in mind all you have done is gained ten sign-ups. Here’s where it really starts to get going because those thousand are only going to get ten sign-ups also, but that does mean your website has now been seen by a staggering ten thousand people.

Going to section five is going to give you (On top of all the website views you have already received) one hundred thousand website visitors and as if that wasn’t going enough to blow your website out of the water, by the time your all done at the end of section six over one million people will have seen your website and many more than that who didn’t join will have seen your ad.

One million website visitors just by getting the ball rolling with ten people joining below you. I think anyone would have to agree that by any standard the Viral marketing process is a marvel to behold. Just imagine if that first ten was in fact thirty five or even one hundred people and it doesn’t even have to stop there.

Now obviously with numbers like that involved it is not going to happen overnight. No, in fact it will probably take a good few months if not several to start seeing the really big numbers of visitors, but once that avalanche starts to roll there’ll be no stopping it from there on in.

On top of that there is the added bonus of knowing that no-matter what kind of website you plug into a system such as this it is going to be successful. Even if it is only a $7 product that you are selling.

Further more, imagine getting involved with four or five such systems, the end results are un-imaginable.

A real scenario where the results far outweigh any amount of effort that it would take.

Still think free viral promotion isn’t worth the effort – Think Again…


Imagine if there was one single place where you could activate not one of these type of program’s, not two but five. And imagine if that place had every conceivable free promotion system all set-up and ready to go with materials and everything you would need to make them all work. That place really does exist. It has just had the finishing touches added and is now available to everyone absolutely free of charge.

If you wish to check it out for yourself, please feel free by using the link Below:


So, How The System Works?

Here's a Graphical Example :

First Phase: Webmasters signup on your level 1

Next Phase: Your "Level 1 Webmasters" promote their FreeViral pages

Next Phase: Your "Level 1 Webmasters" build their downline (and yours!)

Matured Phase: You have a HUGE dowline (which never stops growing!)

Not only does it really work, but it really works Very Well.


Kind REgards

Clive Anderson
The Smart Markters Solution


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