04 February 2008

Adding AdSense Ads to your Posts Area

Adding AdSense Ads into your posts is a great way to get a lot of clicks and earn a lot from Google AdSense. A lot of top earners of Google AdSense use this way to get clicks and earn from Google AdSense.

How Do You Want To Make AdSense Ads Appear in Your Posts?

A lot of people are wondering about it, so, I decided to write a step-by-step guide in this post to teach you how to insert it into your posts area in Blogger.com.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1:
Parsed Your AdSense Code:
Parse means you make slight modification to the AdSense Code. How do you want to parse the code?

Simple. You need to change all the symbols like <, >, and so on in the code to HTML tags.

Re-type the code according to the picture below:

If you are lazy to do it, you can parse the AdSense Code at BlogCrowds.com. BlogCrowds.com offer free parse code service.

Parse Your AdSense Code:

Step 2:
Placement of the AdSense Ads your posts:
Expand your blog's widget first and find for the code below:

i) Place the Ads Next to your posts:

ii) Place the Ads after your posts:

Paste the parsed AdSense Code at the place you want the Ads to appear. Then, Save the template.

After doing all the steps above, the AdSense Ads will appear in your posts area. The steps mentioned above is only applicable to Blogger.com Customize Template.

Some people said that it is against the
AdSense Polices to modified the AdSense Code but I already asked Google about this modification. They said it is OK to make minimal modification to place AdSense into Blogger.com template.

*** Below is the reply from Google AdSense Team ***

Thanks for your email. We do permit minor edits to the AdSense code to
allow AdSense to be placed into Blogger.

Please keep in mind that in general, publishers are not allowed to alter
the AdSense ad code for any reason. Once you've generated the ad code in
your AdSense account pages, you may not alter any portion of the code or
manually change the layout of the ads. For instance, publishers may not
alter the ad height variable to mask the Ads by Google moniker.

Thanks for your cooperation.


The Google AdSense Team
To access the Google AdSense home page or to log in to your account,
please visit: https://www.google.com/adsense

Original Message Follows:

Can I change the original AdSense Code to the code above so that I can
place it into Blogger XML template?

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