04 February 2008

Optimize Your Post with "Anchor Text"

Anchor Text:
Anchor text is a text in your post which appears as a link to another post. Using Anchor text in your post is recommended by the most successful bloggers. It is the most popular way to Searach engine optimization (SEO).
By using anchor text in your posts, you attract your blog readers to read more interesting topics of their choice thus an indirect way to increase traffic to your blog.

Besides that, by using anchor text in you blog/site you allow search engine's crawlers to crowl through your blog/site more conviniently, thus make indexing easy! This will help you get high google page ranks (GPR) as well.

So, consider anchor text with high priority and add more anchor texts to your post, help grow your page rank will results in a huge increase of traffic to your blog/site and ultimately within a short period of time you'll watch your income turning in to 2 to 3 figures or even more!

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