04 February 2008

Getting Traffic

In this post, I will basically write about Traffic. Most people are trying hard to get more traffic to their blog(s)/site(s). Don't feel Desperate to Get Traffic, Don't try to Generate Traffic using softwares, All You need is time and patience to do it all by yourself. How?

1. Joinning More Forums:
I have experience this myself. I join several forums and found that I'm actually getting some traffic from forums. You might be asking where can I find forums? I tried to search using Google, I can hardly find the forum I want. So, I make it easy for you. Below is some directories I found have a lot of links to forums. You can use them to find suitable forums:

Forums I joinned:

2. Join Google Groups:
This is a good place to get help and get traffic too. It is simple and easy to use and you can get plenty of helps and can find all those people out there having the same interest like you. It is not hard to find a groups that is suitable to you. Just type in the keyword you like and search the Google Groups. You will surely find suitable groups to join. Join the group and start posting.

* REMEMBER: Place a link in you posts in groups. This will enable people visit your site/blog easily.

If you have a blog/site about football, you can consider joinning football group. Search for "football" in Google Groups, you will surely find some.

3. Complete Your Profile:
You should also complete your "Profile" in Google Groups and Forums. This is important because people will click on "Profile" to know more about you. So, you can include the link to your site(s)/blog(s). This can help a lot to get traffic.

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