04 February 2008

Secret To Get Highly Targetted Traffic

This is a know fact that if you have more Highly Targetted Traffic to your Blog/Site, The higher your AdSense CTR is, and the higher AdSense CTR means, well Obviously Huge Income.
But the problem is, most of us (Bloggers/Webmasters) fails to get a huge Highly Targetted Traffic or Visitors Already Interested in your Content.

According to my search on SEO 's and Marketing tips, there is one thing common in between SEO 's and Marketing Tips. They both provide one common Trick to boost Highly Targetted Traffic to your blog/site.

Today, I'm going to reveal the common secret of SEO 's and Marketing Tips, Read Carefully.

The Common Secrect between the SEO's and Meketing Tips is "Article Submission"

What is Article Submission?
Articles Submission is a service offer by some website to help you publish your articles on their . Some of them offer Free service while some offer paid service.

How to Create Articles?
Follow the steps below:

Firstly, and most Importantly to achieve success through Article Submission, you need to write Quality content for your Articles.

* Good Articles mostly consist 300 to 500 words.
* You must explain every single aspect for the topic you choose to write on.
* Try to create your own stuff, DO NOT COPY!

* Optimize your Articles with Anchor Text. ( dont know what anchor text is? Read: Anchor Text )
* Search for Article Submission servies having High Google Page Rank!
* Submit your Articles in related Topics or Catagories.

Why Article Submission?
Well, People online like to find content on Article Submission Websites and so, your articles will be much more visible in searches. These people copy some Articles to use on there SITE/BLOG or just to share with their friends and family. Try to make your content with such quality to make readers copy your Articles.

Here's The Secret:
There is a rule in all Article Submission directories that no one is allowed to change contents of any Articles, but still allowed to copy and use them.

Now, this way. Those who will copy your articles and paste them to their Blogs/Sites/Communities or where ever. those Articles will obviously have your Anchor Text linking back to your Blog/Site.
You know what does that means? that means a huge amount of Traffic. Now when you have this much of traffic your Google Page Rank will Increase and your Blog/Site will become SEO friendly.

Now if you understand it completely, what does increase in Google Page Rank Means? Yes! More Traffic.
And what does a SEO Friendly Blog/Site means? Yes! Even more traffic!
Now what does More Traffic Means? Yes! More CTR for AdSense!
And what does More CTR for AdSense Means?

Finally, Huge Income!

** This step is very important to increase your AdSense earnings. Most AdSense Pros and Online Pro Marketers are using this step to get unlimited traffic to their sites and they make GREAT MONEY from AdSense and their sellings. They successfully earn money from the web why not you?

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