04 February 2008

Yahoo! Answer, Another Source of Traffic

Bringing up another Effective trick to drive traffic to your Blog/Site.

Have you ever used Yahoo Answer?
Yahoo answer is the online Help Discussion board, People on yahoo ask questions from other people for what they don't know, and the same ones answer others for what they know! Quite interesting and useful way to get help Online.

How to use it as a Traffic generator?
Its quite simple as you might have already guessed! all you have to do is:

1. Just search for questions which some how relates to the content on your blog site.

2. Give a simple answer to them.

3. Most Importantly, add a url at the end of your answer, and ask readers for reviews on your Site/Blog.

Letme tell you something. Yahoo Answer is very popular among Online surfers, it is being used by more then 2 million people daily. Imagine if you can drive only 1% of Yahoo Answer's traffic. Its like a bomb blast in your blog, leaving a huge number of visitors.

1 comment:

LN- Nickers and Ink said...

Great idea! I have posted lots of info on YAHOO Answers. Did you know . . . they mask codes for CLEAN content published on several sites?

Here are two they blocked:

Associated Content



Still, it is a helpful site, I think.