04 February 2008

Highly Targetted Traffic (HTT)

Here is one Important Tip to Increase READERS of your Blog.

* If you are a new comer, you might not need to stick to this Idea.

For all you bloggers out there,
If any of you are trying hard to get more n more traffic on your blog. You might be able to get success in that, but is that really helping you out getting more readers to your blog/site? Is that really helping you Earn good money from your blog/site?

After a small research I figured out that if you are getting 250 visitors per day on your blog than out of those 250 visitors, do you know that a 100 visitors will leave your site without even reading two lines of it?
Know left only 150 visitors. Now out of those 150 visitors, most probably a 100 of them would leave after a short while, without benifiting you any thing.
So, 50 remaining. Now funny thing is that out of those 50 remaining visitor, 30 of them will browse like 10 to 20 pages in your site, with out clicking any adds or without subscribing to any feeds.

lol , that might have brought some negative thoughts in your mind, right? Don't worry because thats an average result for 80% of online blogs and websites.

So, now you know that out of those 250 visitors you are benifited by only 20 of them and still thats upon your luck if those 20 visitors benefit you anyhow!

Now this is Important, Read Carefully:
Okay, what if you were able to get only 20 visitors on your website, but all of them are interested to read, browse and click on your content?

That is called Highly Targetted Traffic (HTT). its is the dream of every Blogger/Webmaster in the entire Internet Community.

How to get this HTT?
Well this is quite Funny and Simple.

There are two ways to get HTT towards you're Blog or Site, the first one will always ask for your money, like Google Adwords and others. Letme tell you folks, it really works.

The second way!
Well the most easiest way to get HTT flowing to you're Blog/Site requires your TIME and your PATIENTS.

1. Joing Online Forums related to your Blog/Site 's content. Post in related topics, remain active.
* Add your Blog/Site link as your signature and ask for comments and reviews.

2. Joing Online Dicussion Groups related to your Blog/Site 's content. Remain active!
* Add your Blog/Site link as your signature and ask for comments and reviews.

3. Post Articles related to you Blog/Site 's content in related Catagories.
* Add your Blog/Site link as your signature and ask for comments and reviews.

** Do not post your links directly as an ad, in any of the above mentioned services or you might get banned from it.
Remember, success means consistancy and patients.

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