24 January 2008

Internet Marketing - Three Steps Towards Success

The M&M Online Blog have just completed its 1st Month. I am pretty happy with my stats so far. This article is to let you know about those Three Steps that I personally follow to survive in the world of Internet Marketing.
I know The M&M Online is not a Big name in Internet marketing so far, and so I'll try to make this article to the point.

Internet Marketing :
It was nearly Impossible to survive In my first month on Internet marketing. I really worked hard and made a whole lot of search to dig my way in this Industry. With all the research that I personally made throughout the first month, I found a few useful steps towards success.

1. Make your Strategy at the very Beginning:
The success rate for Internet Marketing is 99:1. That means only 1% of Internet marketers becomes successful and others just drown.

Simply B'coz the rest don't have a stragic plan to work on. They always wonder what to do every second.

What should you do?
It is very clear that with out a stragic plan, success in Internet Marketing is not even hard but almost Impossible. So, start making your plan, even if you have the best tools available, you'll need to follow your plan to make them work for you.

With my research, I found that If you want to be successful, you should always work for the Long Term Basis First and the Short Term Basis afterwards.


Long Term Basis: If you want more visitors for your site/blog on long term basis, you should first Submit your Links to search engines, then to do SEOs, then work to increase your back links. This way you will Increase your page rank and get a good flow of traffic.

Short Term Basis: If you want more visitors for your site/blog on short term basis, you should stay active in forums, post articles and submit your articles at social bookmarking site.

Why the Long Term Benifits first?
When you have taken your time doing SEOs and other Long Term Base stuff, you'll need to wait for a while to see results from these steps. While you wait, you can always use short term base tricks to stay active. This way you will not be waiting for countless hours figuring out what should you do next. This will save your time and effort and will be easy to manage with your busy routine.

2. Set your Goals, Break them Apart:
For Internet Marketers, The Only Goal is to achieve countless Earnings from their Site/Blog. But, how would you know that if you are getting close to your goal or not?
This is where you need to Break down your Goal into multiple short term Goals. I usually set my monthly Goals and work to achieve them only. You should too. Break down your Goals into weekly/Monthly basis, work hard to achieve them.

B'coz when you have a short term goal, Its easy to track your progress. For suppose you set a goal of getting 3000 visitors next month. Now break it down in 4 piece. make your 1st goal to get 800 visitors in first week. stay on your routine and do what you usually use to do, if you can achieve your 1st week's goal, you already know that you will achieve your this month's goal. And if you fail to get 800 visitors 1st week, work hard the next week, cover up all missed in first week and now you know that how much effort you'll have to put in next week to achieve your next week's goal.

Breaking your Goal help you keeping track of your progress, tell you how much effort you need to put it and it also dicreases your failure chances. I have been doing the same and it does work for me. try it.

3. Keep Trying New Things:
Internet is a media which is spreading faster than anything else. Hundereds of new programes are launced ever day, if not then every week. God know which of them are really working and which are not. So, you should always try the new ones, if you think that is not working just remove that and ignore it forever, go for another one.

Stick to those working for you as if you loose a programe that is working, you might not be able to find it again. In the world of Internet, many great programes rise like a shiny star and dissapear when you wake up the next morning. So you cannot afford to loose those which are actually working for you!

Stick to these Three Steps and Success would be waiting for you soon.
With in the next couple of days I will be adding an article to suggest a few Imp. programes that every Site/Blog owner will be interested in. Be sure to check back regulary.

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Thank You.


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