24 January 2008

The M&M Online Completting its 1st Month.

First of all I would like say Thanks to all my Readers and those who have supported me to be able to keep up this far.

Before I go ahead and tell you what The M&M Online BloG achieved in its 1st month, I would like to let you know what were my Goals for the frist month..

Before I started this Blog, I decided to have a few goals to be achieved in the first months.

My Goals Were:

  1. To create a total of 7 Blogs.
  2. To be Indexed in atleast 3 Major Search Engines.
  3. To complete Search Engine Optimization for all my Blogs.
  4. To get a minimum of 500 Back Links for my Blog.
  5. To get a minimum of 1000 visitors to my Blog.
  6. To earn a minimum of $8.00 from Adsense Ads.

These were the few Goals which I decided to achieve in my first month.
Now I am going to tell you what The M&M Online Blog actually achieved in it's First Month.

My 1st Month's Achievements:

  • A total of 7 Blogs created. ( Done )
  • I got indexed in more than 25 Major Search Engines. ( Indexed in 22 more Search Engines than what I planned )
  • Search Engine Optimization Completed for all my Blogs ( Done )
  • I got a total of 736 BackLinks ( thats 236 more links than what I planned )
  • I got a total of 1797 visitors to my Blog. ( thats 797 more visitors than what I planned )
  • I earned a total of $12.36 from Adsense Ads ( thats $4.36 more than what I planned )

Overall, I am pretty happy with what I got in return from my Blog till now, I am going to add a detailed article on how did I achieved these stats, In that article I'll be recommending Tips n Tricks and Tools that I have personally used and are working 100% for me..

Please check back soon, Article will be posted within the next couple of days. I promise to all my readers that if you'll read that article you will find good Tricks and Tools personally used by me to Generate Traffic, Optimize my Adsense and you'll also find many nice Tricks for customizing you Blog or Site and much more!

Thank You.

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