19 January 2008

Check how is Your Site/Blog doing?

The number one question for a new blogger is, how is my site doing? When you first start though you may not have realized it, it will take weeks probably months before you will have a steady traffic base and be able to start making money. So you pass the time by watching statcounter or anaylitics, and keep clicking on the refresh button. Well now I am going to suggest several more ways to pass the time.

One :-
This guy named 'Dane Carlson' created this little html thingy, sponsered by 'technorati'. And you just type in your blog address, and it will give you a guess about how much your site is worth. Now don't get your hopes up, it's not realistic. But hey, everybody likes knowing that according to this site their blog is worth thousands of dollars.

Here's the link:

Two :-
Here's a similar program but that is more extensive. It's called dnscoop. It also shows, links to your site which is very fun to check up on. Everybody wants to see if anyone has linked to their site. Two links are nice, but if they do it with no reward, lol it just feels good.

Three :-
Go onto google and type in the web address of your site without the .com. Like for this site I would type in, 'themmonline' and then press enter. It shows all the sites that you have done something on, and also those that have linked to you.

Fourth :-
This site. It also shows an estimated worth, and the links, and the google ranking.

Fifth :-
The last one, is Alexa ranking. This is similar to google, if you comparing a mosquito to an elephant. But many people do use it, and the ranking is more fun to follow cause your constantly moving up and down.

So there you go, hopefully these will help pass the time till you have a consistent reader list.

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