26 January 2008

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I hope you enjoyed reading my last article. It was regarding the Three most important steps towards success in Internet marketing. The article was useful for those newbies who are struggling to find their way to survive in the tough world of Internet Marketing, providing the most important three steps which every newbie must know.

1. Making a Stragic Plan.
2. Breaking goals in short term to reduce failure chances.
3. Trying new things, stick with those working best.

I you hav'nt read it yet. I strongly rocommend you read it right now or if you dont have the time, bookmark it, so that you can read it when you are free..

Here's the link to my last Article:
Internet Marketing - Three Steps Towards Success.

Now, as promised in my last article. I am going to recommend some highly effective Tricks n Tools for Optimizing your Site/Blog to make the most out of it. The Tricks n Tools mentioned in this article are personally tested by my own self and I am getting very positive results out of them.

**I know this article is very long and might consume a lot of your time to read it. But, I promise that reading and following the Tricks n Tools mentioned in this article will help you step forward towards success in Internet Marketing. Please bookmark this page if you do not have the time to read it right now, so you can read it when you are free. This article is worth reading, I have put a lot of effort in it, please do not let it be a waste.

Without wasting another second, I am now going to mention a few effective tricks which could help you for the following Three most wanted Topics.

1. Deciding Content for your Site/Blog.
2. Promoting your Site/Blog.
3. Optimizing & Increasing your Online Earnings.

: Deciding your content :

The new breakthrough in Internet Marketing causes increase by millions of users deciding to spend more time online, putting their skills and efforts together to make a living over Internet. Since the increase in number was too high, every one had something to write about but no place to store it. Thats when these Blogs came up and made it easier for people to share and store their diary.
Thses days, no metter if you own a Website or a Blog, you need to have Interesting, Exciting and Useful content to keep your readers happy. If you fail to do this, there are hundereds or even thousands of people out there ready to steal your readers as soon as they leave your site. And that makes the compitition even more harder.

So, what should you do, how can you make those readers come to you again and again?

Search & Write Articles On The Most Popular Keywords.
These days, every body is looking for the most popular Tools n Tricks to be updated with. That makes your decision to select your content even more easier, what you have to do is simply search for the most popular keywords, read a few articles about those keywords and then put them all together to make your own article an effective and optimized one.

Here is a list of top 100 keywords searches in Google: (Updated Daily)
Now you can select any one of those keywords best maching your Site/Blog catagory and search a few articles on these keywords and finally make your own one.
Make a Powerful article with these Tricks.
It’s true that almost all of us can write but not all of us can write well. And it’s also true that some people simply have a talent for crafting sentences and stories, while others struggle just to string together a few words that flow.

If you struggle to write well, there is no way that you’ll ever absorb the talent it takes to be one of the best writers on the Internet. But there are three things that you can learn that will help you become a better writer that can produce writing faster than before.
I have already written a post containing the Three keys to write a better article, so I would reffer you there.
** If you dont have time to read it now, please bookmark it so that you can read it when you are free.
Here is the link to that article:
Three Keys to write a Better Article:

Now when you are done sleceting and Optimizing your content, Let come to the next poit of this article.
: Promoting your Site/Blog :

Promoting your site/blog could be the hardest part of Internet Marketing, many of us fails to do it. But if you follow a proven path and stay clam while you follow, you might be the next one to succeed.
After spending a lot of time researching on Internet on how to pormote your site blog. I found out that it is not actually as hard as it looks. All that make it hard is the time required to get results out of it. If during that time you get disapointed with your results and stop what you should continuously do, you might fail.
To reduce your failure chance, you must keep in mind that Internet Marketing is some thing that you should never quit. Why? B'coz if not today, you will succeed some day, there is nothing called failure in the world of Internet Marketing. People don't fail but they just quit it before they can succeed.
With this strong statement, I am mentioning a few early step that you should take to promote your Site/Blog. To digg results out of the following steps, I strongly suggest that you should follow them in the same order they are mentioned below.
First, Submit Your Site To Search Engines.
Now, this is the most important step to promote your Site/Blog. There are loads and loads of Free search engine Directories where you can submit your Site/Blog absolutely for free.
I recomment using a Mass Submitting Software Like "Google Ranking Booster".
Second, Complete your Search Engine Optimizing.
Search engine optimizing is the must for every one, this makes your site appear in more results of searches made related to your selected keywords.
I have already written 3 posts regarding search engine optimizing SEOs. So I will reffer you there.
**Again if you do not have the time to read those, please bookmark them, so you can read them when you are Free.
Below are the Links to all 3 posts.

Third, Get as many Back Links as you can.
Big daddy, "GOOGLE" loves backlinks. The more back links you have for your site, the more love you get from google. gettin backlinks is hard, but easy. lol that might confuse you a bit. Here is what I mean. Backlinks determines your Site/Blogs populartiy. The more backlinks you have, the more popular you are. The more popular you become, more of your pages will get indexed by Google. The more pages gets Indexed, you are more likely to show up in search results. The more you show up in search results, the more Traffic you get to your site.

The best way to get more back links is to make more Link exchanges, below is the link to my post which will show you how you can run a successful Link Exchange Campaign.
you can also get more backlinks by commenting in more Blogs/Site. Make sure you comment on those Blog/Site using "dofollow" attribute and not the "nofollow" attrubute. below is the link of a great software that will help you find more Blogs/Sites using "dofollow" attributes to comment on.

Fourth, Using some ligit traffic generating programes.
Following the above Three steps to promote your Site/Blog will help you generate Traffic in long term. That means you now have done all steps neccessary to promote your Site/Blog, its time to wait and watch.
But, as I did that, I was getting bored watching my stat counter ticking one by one. What I needed was some Immediate traffic, and so I did some search and found some exiting new ways to get immediate traffic, in a small number though but better than nothing.

I found 2 100% working Traffic Generating programes that were absolutely ligit and were approved to be used if you are using Adsense ads on your site. These traffic generating programes does not violate TOS for Adsense or other programes you might be using to generate revenue out of your Site/Blog. Also, these traffic generators send targetted reall human being to your Site/Blog and not any computer generated Bots.
I recomment these programes should be used by every one need to promote their Site/Blog.

The first one is LinkReferral. Its really easy to use it, you need to visit 30 site/day, make 5 reviews/day, make 1 forum post/day and add one favourite/day. It bearly take 30 minutes to complete that, as a result you will get 20 - 30 visits every day with atleast 3 reviews to your Site/Blog made by real humans.
It is 100% free to sign up and there is nothing to loose, so I suggest you should give it a try atleast once.
:Click Here To Try LinkReferral Now:
The second one is InstantBuzz. The programe is really simple to use. You do not have to visit any site, you do not have to make any reviews or simply you do not have to do nothing, download a free browser bar, start recieving credits for your normal surf, put your credits to advertise your Site/Blog and thats it. You will start receiving reall human visitors Immediately. Again, It is 100% Free and there is nothing to loose. Try it atleast once.
:Click Here To Try InstantBuzz Now:
Fifth, Lastly you need to stay active in forums and help groups.
Well, now that you already have done all the hard work. It is time to sit back relax and publicize your Site/Blog simply by participating in Forums and Help Groups. Use your site url as your signature in these Forums & Groups and start recieving instant visitors while you enjoy posting in Entertainment Forums or helping others in Help Groups or even while you are flirting with a girl online ;-)
Some of the most Popular Forums and Help groups are listed below:
and there are many more, you can simple make a search on google.
: Optimizing & Increasing your Online Earnings :

Now when you are done putting all you efforts in desiging your Site/Blog, Adding Optimized Conent to it and Promoting your Site/Blog in a successful manner, Finally! it is time to generate revenue from it and get the thing you love most "MONEY".
There are lots of programes ready to pay your for your work or to put their advertising to your Site/Blog. I recomment using Google Adsense as it is the most effective and popular way to earn revenue from your Site blog.
You might already be using it, if not I suggest you sign up for it right now!
Below are the 3 Simple ways to Optimize your adsense Ads to increase your revenue.
First, Selecetin the right Ad format.
I have already written a post which will suggest you to the most effective Adsense Ad format, so I will reffer your their.
** Please Bookmark it if you do not have the time to read it now, so you can read it when you are free.
Second, Put your ads in the right Position.
I already have written a post to guide you with the best position to put your ads to get more clicks, so I will reffer your their.
** Please Bookmark it if you do not have the time to read it now, so you can read it when you are free.

Third, Blend Ad colour to best fit your Site/Blog.
I already have written a post to help you blend your ads with right colours to fit your Site/Blog, so I will reffer your their.
** Please Bookmark it if you do not have the time to read it now, so you can read it when you are free.
Following the above three steps is the proved way to increase click through ratio for Adsense ads. This is Guaranteed to increase your earning, so I suggest your should follow the above Tricks.
However, I have a whole Blog containing effective Tips n Trick to optimize your earning through Adsense, Please pay a visit.
Thank you for putting your precious time reading this article, I hope this will help you in many ways. Please do tell me if you have any suggessions or comments. Do let me know if you like this article.
And one last request, if you like this article then please please share it with your friends n family or you can add it to Social Bookmarking sites of your choice too.

Thank You once more.
The M&M Online Owner


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