26 January 2008

Want to Become a Better Writer? Here's How To...

It’s true that almost all of us can write but not all of us canwrite well. And it’s also true that some people simply have atalent for crafting sentences and stories, while others strugglejust to string together a few words that flow.

If you struggle to write well, there is no way that you’ll everabsorb the talent it takes to be one of the best writers on theInternet. But there are three things that you can learn that willhelp you become a better writer that can produce writing fasterthan before.

The three keys to writing better articles, blogs, eBooks, oranything else are to keep a journal, to write at the same timeeveryday, and to follow a proven formula.

Keeping a Journal:
The results of keeping a journal will probably amaze you after onlya couple months. Not only will it make you a better writer but itwill also make you a happier person. But we’ll worry about thehappier sometime later, for now all we care about is the journalingmaking you a better writer.

There’s one thing that’s certain about writing: the more you do itthe better you become at it. You don’t need anyone correcting whatyou’ve written either. All you need to do is write everyday so youdevelop a solid style and voice.

When you keep a journal you can write about anything you want – theway your day went, what’s happening with your family, what’s goingon with your work life, etc. The key is to simply write.

If you have a lot of writing for your business – articles, blogs,eBooks, etc. – then you can skip the journaling writing for thatday. Remember, the important thing is that you write everydaywhether it’s in your journal or for your business.

Write at the Same Time Everyday:
Now that you know that you need to write everyday, you should alsoknow that it’s best to write around the same time everyday. Thisactually trains your brain to get into the mode of writing.

Authors refer to this as “capturing the muse”. They have come torealize that if they write at the same time then they will beinspired to write. The “muse” will bring them the inspiration towrite well.

Most likely you don’t need great inspiration to write but you doneed some inspiration. So write at the same time everyday andyou’ll find that your mind gets trained and helps you write whatyou need to write.

Follow a Proven Formula:
If you have a talent for writing, you probably don’t follow a setformula. In fact, you might even be opposed to formulas. But forthe rest of us, formulas are a good thing as long as they don’tcompletely handcuff our creativity.

The basic form that you have to remember for any article is to havean introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

The introduction will introduce what will be discussed. The bodywill discuss everything as promised. The conclusion will restatethe introduction (in a different way) while telling the reader whatthey just read.

To take it a step further, you should include three main points inthe body of your article. This is similar to the “Three ProngThesis” that you may have learned in school. It’s exactly what I’vedone with this article.

What You’ve Learned:
As I just mentioned, by following the formula I just outlined, I’llnow review what this article was about.

If you need to become a better writer, there are three things youshould be doing. These three things are keeping a journal, writingat the same time everyday, and following a formula.

Follow these three things and you’ll be writing faster and betterin no time.

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