04 February 2008

Effective Ways to Get Traffic to Blog

Getting traffic for your blog(s) is quite easy. It is simple but you need plenty of time to do it.

1. Join some Blog Community:
You can join like Technorati to improve your blog's popularity.

2. Ping Your Blog:
Pinging Service like Project Petaling Street can be use to Ping your blog everytime you update your blog and this will tell all the Bloggers around you about your blog.

3. Leave Comments in other Blogs:
Leave a comment and be nice to all Bloggers around you. If they found that you blog is good, they will introduce to their friends and link your blog. Read blogs sincerely and Don't SPAM their blog with a lot of comments. You can ask them questions about the topics they wrote and revisit them as many times as possible. You will slowly build up a blog community around you.

4. Active in your Blog:
Post new articles everyday(if possible). Or you can update your blog weekly, depends on the time you spend for your blog. People will come to read your posts, if you always have new and interesting updates, they will come again and again.

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