18 May 2008

Top 3 Affiliate Programes for 2008 - FREE TO JOIN!

Top 3 Affilliate ProGrames! Free To JoiN!
As Promised Last Saturday, Today what I am posting the Top 3 Affiliate Programes that are FREE TO JOIN. Check them out, Join them to add some extra bucks to your Bank Account!

1. 2Click.com Affiliate Programe :

The 2click.com Affiliate Programe.
They will let you Resale their top Selling products for FREE! plus will pay you 70% Commission on each Sale.. This is BIG!

Join NOW!

Signup and get a $10 Signup bonus - They Pay you once your account balance reaches $100.

You Earn 25% from affiliates you Refer to 2click.com - NEW 2-Tier Program!

Commissions via PayPal or Check!

Refer the most customers and receive a $500 bonus - become one of the top 5 affiliates !

2. Web 2.0 Upgrade (Launching July 1st, $1000000 Give aWay at Launch)

THEY ARE GIVING AWAY $1,000,000.00
IMAGINE - EVERY website ON THE INTERNET upgraded to Web 2.0 Interactivity (mySpace multiplied by a million) all at a click of a button!
EVERYONE WHO JOINS FOR FREE before our official launch date of July 1st 2008 *can receive an EQUAL SHARE of ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!
I know this sounds too good to be true, but read the details BEFORE YOU JUDGE THIS OPPORTUNITY!
After millions of dollars invested and over 2 years in development, They've launched the fastest growing program since Google Adwords and as viral as Hotmail.
Over 300,000 people have visited their page in the first week and thousands are joining every day! Growing faster and faster every minute, this program propagates extremely fast.
They'll pay you up to $4,800/month to add their links on your website for 1 month!*
And even if you only show their links for one month, they'll keep on paying you that $4,800 EVERY MONTH!*
Keep showing their links on your website for a second month, and you'll double your monthly paycheck!*

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