02 March 2008

What are Entre Cards? SEO & Traffic Benefits using Entre Cards!

What Is Entre Cards ?

Entrecard is a new advertising technique that can be very profitable if used correctly. It's best perks are, it's Free, easy to use, and doesn't take alot of time. It gives you the ability to advertise on more popular sites such as the John Chow site. Now let me show exactly how to use Entre Card, Step by Step.

Get It Now!

First go to the homepage Entrecard, and sign up for an account (the signup process is very straightforward).

How To Use Entre Cards?

Then click in the top corner for Dashboard. This is the page where you can see who is advertising on your site. It will show your credits and how much it costs to put an ad on your site. The website is based off of credits. You are awarded them for various things such as people advertising on your site. An important note; save up your credits! Don't waste them on smaller sites. That was a mistake I made when I first started using Entrecard, and I learned that those sites don't get any traffic, so it's not worth the time or credits. Save up credits, and advertise on bigger and better sites, ones with lots of traffic to give.

After you have seen your dashboard, click on Campaign. There you can see all the blogs you can post on. Like I said, I wouldn't advertise on the smaller sites… anything 30 credits or under. When you first make the account you will receive a flood of ads; you must approve all of them so you can receive the credits, and this way the cost to advertise on your site will go up.

Wait until you have over 30 credits before you start looking for a site to advertise on. Just because a site costs a lot of credits doesn't mean it gets a lot of traffic, so make sure that the site is well-to-do as well. If it's a blogger, then you can click "see my complete profile" to get an estimate about how popular the site is. If it is it's own Url then check the site for any type of hint at the amount of traffic. If you can't find one don't worry, if it costs alot, generally it's a powerful site.

Make sure you look back every couple days to approve ads on your site, (this gives you credits), and to see what your balance is up to. You should receive an email every time you get an ad, so that should save time.

SEO Advantage and Traffic via Entre Cards

And there's Entre Card for you. I've stressed this already, but be patient, and advertise on a big site. Maybe this will be the traffic that pulls your blog out of the common pack, and starts generating consistent traffic and building more backlinks, helping you increase your Link Popularity in search engines.

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