10 February 2008

Will blogging change SEO?

Opening a website we always think that it will be impossible to create as many backlinks as competitors who in business for more than 5 or 10 years. We all know that many sites have already hindered thousands and even millions backlinks. That’s why today many people prefer to open small topic or local site targeting smaller audience. For those who picked competitive topic like SEO, real estate in USA, or baseball I will suggest to think about promotion from the beginning. For example our company has over 25 000 backlinks we collected in past 18 month and it is still nothing to compare with SubmitExpress who has over 100 000 backlinks.

It is impossible to reach competitors if you buy or exchange links by yourself. Even if you build 100 links per day… it will take 1000 days straight to reach some competitors… but how many of this links will be quality backlinks? Also, don’t forget a fact that competitors build and receive natural links on a daily basis also. Webmastering became a big business and some people invest hindered thousand dollars only for promotion.

To build links fast I will suggest you to concentrate on content, create (make someone to create) unique tools for your site, use fantasy to create great products. After your site done, you need to invest your time or money to find first visitors. Yes! Only regular people can promote your site like no one else. Natural backlinks can grow really fast especially links from bloggers. Using Technorati data we can see that some sites receive hundreds daily posts with backlinks. In fact, you probably noticed that typing “Website Promotion” on Google, more blogs and blogger friendly companies appear. All “SEO India companies” who build links by hand disappeared and can’t reach even top 100.

Future: it is easy to predict that in near future millions new blogs and websites will appear. Who knows, but soon it might be every single will own a weblog like a notebook or journal. In this case some websites will begin to receive thousands backlinks on a daily basis. Simple link submission will be waste of time and money.

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