07 February 2008

Expendable Post For Blogger.

What is an Expendable Post?
Well have you ever seen any half post with a " Read More " link in the bottom? that is called an expendable post.

If you would like to create an expendable post, this post can guide you, below are step by step Instructions on how to make an expendable post:

Step by Step Instructions:

STEP 1 :-

  • Login to your Blogger's Account. Click on "Layout" on your blog. click "Edit Html".
  • In the Html Box, Find :
  • Copy the Code below:
  • Paste the Code between: and
  • Save Template.

STEP 2 :-

  • Expand the code.
  • Now, Locate this code:
  • Paste the code below:
  • Follow the code correctly, if not the "Read more!" function will not function correctly.
  • Save Template.

STEP 3 :-

  • This is the Last Step.
  • Go to Settings------>Formatting. Scroll down to the end of the page to the box for the Post Template. Copy and Paste the following lines there :

Done! Your posts will now have "Read more!" function and this is good to make all your posts have their links in your blog. This is helping you to create a lot of inbound links in your blog.

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