15 February 2008

The Different Ways To Earn Revenue From A Blog by Andre Sanchez

There are many different ways to earn revenue from a blog that every home business owner and online entrepreneur should know about. You need to be aware of the fact that blogs can turn out to be extremely profitable extra sources of revenue for your home business, if handled properly.

Earn Extra Revenue The Adsense Way From Your Blog :
There is no doubt that the Google Adsense program is one of the most popular and lucrative for many home based business blogs. The Adsense program just like the Google search engine, thrives on content and many online entrepreneurs find it easy to generate lots of content for their blogs as a way to attract targeted hits for their main web sites. There are of course other affiliate programs that can be run alongside the Adsense program to generate even more revenue. I am of course referring to a program like the increasingly popular Kontera which also uses content but instead highlights certain keyword to create links to their advertisers.

Sell Consultant Services Using Your Blog
Blogs are also very effective in helping to sell consultant services related to the industry being covered. The large amounts of content produced in blogs are ideal in showing off the expertise and knowledge of the blogger concerning the topic being covered.

This is why it is so easy to offer your consultancy services through your blog. Many online entrepreneurs have been able to do this very successfully.

Products And Services That Compliment Yours Is Another Way To Earn Revenue From Your Blog :
There is also nothing wrong with joining affiliate programs that deal with products and services that complement yours. You can then place the affiliate link in your high traffic blog pages. Some bloggers with a huge enough traffic earn some very high income from one or two affiliate programs thye have joined and whose affiliate links they sprinkle on their blog sites.

Still one needs to be very careful here not to take away business from themselves and their main site where they are pointing their targeted blog traffic to.

In Conclusion :
What I have listed here are just a few of the different ways in which one can earn some extra revenue for their home business from blogs. There are in fact many other ways you can look at. After all there is no harm in maximizing on the use of your blog site. It is rather obvious that blogs will continue to grow in leaps and bounds in terms of their significance and importance to online entrepreneurs and home based business owners.

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